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Spring Term 1

This term in Year 1 our topic is ‘Arctic Blast’, sounds cool right? Well it should be, we have lots of fun things planned for the next few weeks.


In Literacy we have already started to look at the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

We began by looking at the front cover and the title and predicting what we think the story will be about, what will happen and how it will end. We all had some fantastic ideas! Once we had read the story we then began to look at the two characters and came up with some adjectives to describe them before writing a character description for the penguin.

Miss Baxter is extremely proud of how well our sentence writing is getting, and with how hard we are trying with our pre-cursive writing. It isn’t easy but we are all giving it our best go!

Over the next few lessons we shall be sequencing images of the story before attempting to write the story up in our words, ready to make changes and write our own version later on.



In Maths we are continuing to work on important skills like counting, both forwards and backwards from 0-100, adding and taking away, time, shape and measurement.

So far this term we have looked at counting on and back from different numbers which we are getting really good at now and some of us are even able to do it all the way to 100. We enjoy practising this by playing counting games!

We have also looked at measuring weight using balance scales. For this we had to estimate an objects weight, predict the order of a group of items and then check it by weighing them. We then looked at a 1kg weight and compared different items in the classroom to see if they weighed more or less. It was quite tricky but we all did really well.


Our topic in Science this term is ‘Animals Including Humans’. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about human and animal bodies and considering the similarities and differences between them. We will be carrying out a variety of activities including drawing and labelling pictures, using our senses to conduct investigations, describing animal bodies and sorting animals into groups.

We began the topic by looking at our own bodies, drawing them and labelling the different body parts. We talked about what body parts we have and what we use them for. This led us on to exploring our senses, where we discovered we have 5 senses that we use to see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Our next lesson is an investigation where we get to put these senses to the test which should be lots of fun!



This term our topic work is a Geography based unit called ‘Wonderful Weather’ where we will be learning about different types of weather in our immediate environment along with the four seasons. The topic also provides an opportunity for us to build on this knowledge and introduce and explore hot and cold areas of the world and the impact of weather types.

The next 6 weeks will see us become little weather experts where we will learn how to observe and record the weather, present our own weather forecasts, understand and discuss weather dangers as well as learn about hot and cold countries.



In D.T this term we are exploring ‘Wacky Windmills’ where the end goal is for all of us to make our own windmills. In order to do so we shall begin by looking at different windmills and how they are used, exploring ways of making strong bases and how to make sails. We shall then begin to design our own windmills before following our plans to create them.

Autumn Term

We all had a fantastic Autumn Term in Year 1 and settled into the new routine of having lessons all day really well. It is very different to reception but Miss Baxter is super impressed with how well we all coped and adapted to the more formal daily routine.