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Miss Winn - Year 1 and 2

Topic this term: Great Fire of London

In literacy we are learning how to write a Diary. We have looked at some of the diaries that Samuel Pepys has written about the Great Fire of London.

Initially we identified the features of a diary and attempted to write our own. We then looked at  Samuel Pepys Diary and acted out some of the scenes from the Great Fire of London. We have thought about how the people were feeling and what they were saying during the fire.

We are now starting to think about writing our own diary using dates, conjunctions and lots of details to describe our day.

In topic we are learning about the ‘Great Fire of London’ we have explored when and how the fire started. It was interesting to find out why the fire spread so quickly in the past and why this wouldn’t happen now. We learned some of this from the community fire safety crew that came into school to talk to us. We even got to try out the uniform!

We will soon be planning and building our own villages to compare who’s is the strongest and which are the best materials.

 Lastly, in science we are learning about ‘Saving the environment’. We have learned about:

  • Endangered animals.
  • Reduce, re-use and recycling.
  • Saving electricity.
  • Saving the rainforest.
  • Reducing water.

In literacy we are learning about the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

Initially we predicted the events in the story, including characters and feelings based on the front cover. We then moved on to looking at the characters in greater depth and writing a description about each character using adjectives or expanded noun phrases. Over the upcoming weeks we will be learning new literacy skills, acting out and sequencing the story before creating our own version of the story.

In science we are learning about ‘Animals including Humans’. Within this topic we will be learning all about the human and animal’s bodies, senses and the food that we eat.

 In geography we are learning about ‘Wonderful Weather’. Within this topic we will learn all about the weather forecasts, weather dangers, hot and cold climates and the frozen planet.