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Holiday Leave During Term Time

Please remember that Holiday Leave during term time is not authorised automatically.  All parents to apply for leave before booking any holiday.  The criteria by which leave can be authorised are clear cut and are applied fairly across the school.  A Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued if any holiday is taken without the leave being applied for and granted in advance.  A Fixed Penalty Notice will also be issued should the holiday leave request not meet the criteria laid down by the Local Authority.  

TERM DATES 2016 -2017

Autumn Term 

Tuesday 6th September - open for the Autumn Term

Close for half term Friday 21st October 

Re-open Monday 31st October 

Close on Friday 16th December


Spring Term

Wednesday 4th January – open for Spring Term

Close for half term Friday 17th February 

Re open Monday 27th February

Close on Friday 7th April


Summer Term

Tuesday 25th April – open for Summer Term 

Close for half term Friday 26th May 

Re open Monday 5th June

Close on Friday 22nd July

Staff Training days

Monday 5th September, Tuesday 3rd January, Monday 24th April, 

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th July.