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The teaching of English at Great Coates is planned around the ‘teaching sequence for writing’, which can be seen below. All of the units of work are purposeful and link to the topic being studied. Where possible, guided reading should link to the unit and/or topic also. At the beginning of each topic, on the front page under the genre, it is expected that you list what skills will be taught during the 2/3 week period as per initial planning. Not only does this help children know where they are heading, it will save someone trawling through your planning documents, show those scrutinising your books what skills each genre entail and, most importantly, act as a checklist for you to ensure that all areas are covered in the teaching process. Behind the front cover there should be an empty envelope where children can put any visual aids, notes, prompt cards etc. as the unit unfolds. This will support them greatly during their final piece of writing and will encourage them to become independent learners.


Teaching Sequence for Writing

The teaching of Literacy embraces all aspects of language, both spoken and written. In the literate society in which we live, an ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in the written word, and to read a wide range of different types of text, is essential if children are to achieve their potential throughout their school days and on into adult life.


We believe that children should not only acquire the skills and knowledge surrounding the subject of Literacy but that they should also develop a love of books and reading; a desire to contribute to performances in drama and speaking to peers and adults; and the self-confidence which comes from having a command of the English language and the ability to organise thoughts and feelings.


We seek to provide a language rich environment in which expectations are high, and to provide a wide variety of high quality resources which are used fully and effectively.