Message from Mrs Norman – Easter Holidays – 3rd April.

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you are all well and coping well in these challenging circumstances. Please say a big hello to your children from all of the staff at Great Coates Primary School; we are all missing them very much. This is just an update from us whilst school remains closed.

The Easter break is approaching and we were due to break up today until Monday 20th April. We will all be taking a break during this time and so teachers will not be setting tasks during the Easter break. There are still lots of ongoing resources available on our website and from other providers if you still would like to access these and maintain a learning structure at home. Please remember that school is not meant to be replicated at home and that you are doing a great job. Maintaining some maths, reading, writing and exercise in whichever way suits your children is advisable. This time is invaluable in order to teach children life skills in the kitchen, garden and home. Children may need reassurance about family key workers and extended family members and reminding that this self-isolation period is not going to last forever.
Miss Winn has organised an Easter egg competition and we are looking forward to seeing your decorated eggs. I have already done mine with my children, Jessica and Thomas. If you decorate a boiled egg please put a photo on our Facebook page or send it to us via email and we will post it for you.

Your children will be spending lots of time online whilst they are away from school, please make sure they are safe. There are lots of online resources to ensure they are keeping safe on line. Your children know all about e-safety as they have been taught about it at school. Have a chat with them just to remind them.

Hopefully we will see you all soon and I wish you and your families a wonderful Easter break. Stay safe and please keep in touch.

Best wishes from

Mrs Norman and all the staff at Great Coates.