Foundation Stage 2/ Reception Facebook Group

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We have created a special Facebook group for parents of children who will be starting in Reception in September. This is to help parents and children feel more comfortable about starting school in the new school year.

On the group page you will find information about Reception class and what to expect.

If your child is starting school in September, please follow the link to request to join the group.[0]=68.ARDj1-YbvcYCWdjN0KN-Gu0OacmsaOGxQzg7MDM4w0bYXX-9dVJGbNdUA0-2YqXD1T7m-t3qXYpOu_cN9vsJy5otkuc4vlURo6HoOViikrtBfZDyvy7-kAjn7HBns-_j8t5J7uQmUMYT8IQsFDw_eYLan50vBVRdfnGcQiY-b3IiHp8AjhKbMaU9rO_KghTqAbuJn2Pud-vDJ1bL4-9FFxAQzYAwK8Qff63YrmB15yxp_zxrFdubaQlU1Hk_UM_Hd9x-WX5lYGasAEFD0Z0H1obU-AO1Wr2rIM91P-c_-ZVMFZcWdkhkDiVH-MZpymr8OcI-sMFV_DzpavZH3E2hV7xzJXkZ&__tn__=K-R

More information for new starters can be found on our reception page on this website. Follow the link.