Message from Mrs Norman 17.6.20

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Below is a link to a video posted by Mrs Norman on the school Facebook page regarding the return to school of Year 4 children on Monday 29th June.

We will be welcoming back children from Year 4 on Monday 29th July from 9am to 12.30pm from Monday to Friday.

Deciding which children we could accommodate at school was a very difficult decision. We still have social distancing in place and therefore can not have a large number of children in each class. We decided to accept Year 4 back to school because they are our smallest year group and so we can fit them in. Also their teachers are available to teach them and their classrooms are not in use.

If we had chosen to bring back other year groups, their teachers would not be available to teach them and they would have had to relocate to another classroom or we would not have had space to accommodate the year group.

We do not have capacity at lunchtime, due to social distancing rules and staffing to accommodate the Year 4 children and therefore they must be collected at 12.30pm.

The school will be contacting all Year 4 families in the next few days to find out if they wish to take up their place at school.