Reading Books and Reading Diaries – September 2020

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Your child will be bringing home a reading diary and reading book in the next week.

Please return the reading diary and book every Friday and we will send them home on a Monday.

Only the class teacher and the class teaching assistant will touch the books your child has taken home after sanitising their hands and we will set aside any returned books for 48 hours so they are decontaminated.

Please encourage your child to read at least 3 times per week and record their reading in the reading diary.

While children are learning to read please listen to them read.

In Reception and Year 1, there may be words in the book that are new to them which you may need to help them to read. Talking to your child about their book will help them to understand what they are reading.

You may find that the book we have sent home for your child is too easy or too hard for your child. If this is the case speak to your child’s class teacher or email the school.

Some children may need to have two books per week sent home. If you are finding your child is getting through books quickly please speak to your child’s class teacher or email the school.

We are finding that reading is an area where many children have fallen behind during the lockdown. Please read with your child at home as this will support their catch-up.

Details of the school reading reward scheme will be sent out in the next few weeks.