Remote Learning update – Zoom lessons

Uncategorised, | by Lynn Deans

Dear children and families,

I am so excited to say that over the coming weeks we will be trialling live lessons from the classrooms.  To do this we are using a platform called Zoom for our live learning. We will be using school accounts for this, so you do not need to buy anything or create an account. We will start with Maths lessons for year 5 and 6 and then introduce more classes and more lessons.  There are a few reasons why I have decided to trial this;

  • It will enable the teachers to introduce new learning
  • The children will access to the teachers input for each lesson
  • They can ask questions and listen to the questions the children in school ask.
  • The teacher can ask the children at home questions and check in on their progress
  • It will be good for well-being as the children will see / hear each other
  • Keeps it interesting.

However, to ensure its success there will need to be some ground rules that will ensure the children have the best learning experience possible.

  • All children will be expected to participate in all their online lessons to prevent them falling behind.
  • Be on time, or a couple of minutes early.
  • The same rules about behaviour apply at home as they do in school, don’t talk whilst someone else is talking, listen, no shouting out and hands up if you need to say something.  Just be respectful.
  • Keep the video turned on but mute yourself unless the teacher asks you a question or invites you to speak.
  • Children will need to be prepared in advance.  They will need paper and something to write with.  They will need the work books supplied by school handy.

When we make our video call, you will be notified in advance of the: date, time and staff member who will be hosting the video call. The link to the video call will be accessible through the email address you have supplied to school or class dojo. We will never email your child asking them to join a call without you knowing, and we will never ask to ‘video meet’ with you or your child outside our school hours which are currently 8.50am-3.05pm. For your child’s safety there will be two members of staff present during live learning.

There are also some other rules that need to be in place to ensure the children are safeguarded whilst on line;

  • Please ensure that the name seen on screen is that of your child.
  • Please make sure the computer is in a suitable place, not in a bedroom or bathroom for example and that the background is clear, showing just the wall perhaps.
  • Please ensure children are fully dressed before joining the video call.
  • Please ensure that only your child is visible on screen, no parents/carers or siblings should be visible.
  • Please ensure that all members of the household use appropriate language while the video call is taking place. To support with this, and ensure the teacher can be heard, your child will be ‘muted’ unless they wish to contribute to the assembly. 
  • Please contact the school if you are concerned about any of the content of the video call.

The teachers are working really hard behind the scenes to make this a success.  There might be some teething problems, which is why we are starting with the older children who are a bit more mature and patient.  The idea is the home learners will join the class for the teacher input and then leave the meeting to complete their work and then send it in for feedback via class dojo in the usual way.

Teachers will be sending out the invites to the live lessons via email and class dojo.  They will be setup so that you can use the same link each day.  We are starting with the older children first so the other children won’t get a live lesson invite yet, but they will get zoom invites for check in meetings.  If there is a reason why you / your child can’t join in, please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.

Myself and the teaching staff really hope this works, so fingers crossed and we look forward to seeing you all ‘in class’.

Many thanks and stay safe

Andrea Norman and all the teaching staff