Year 3 and 4

Teachers: Kelly Winn, Lynn Deans, Kathryn Baxter and Morgan O’Neill

Support staff: Karina Peck, Lesley Lazarus, Beth Johnson, Dylan Claasen, Amy Regan.

We are learning about India and the water cycle in our Geography lessons. The children have already tasted wonderful Indian food and learnt about where India is on the globe. They will also learn about the major rivers in India and how the water cycle affects people’s lives in India.

In Science, we are learning about the classification of living things, including vertebrates and invertebrates.

We went on invertebrate hunt and classified the animals we found using a classification key. We completed labelled drawings of the creatures we observed.

In Literacy we are studying the book ‘The Book of Sport’ and children will be creating their own sporting information texts.

In maths, pupils are learning about place value and applying this knowledge to problems.

In PE, We are learning yoga and outdoor adventurous activities.

Year 5 and 6

Teachers: Callum Baxter, Robyn Bradley, Kelly Cox

Support staff: Karen Bain, Alison Brett, Jane Stocks

This term, Year 5/6 are learning about India in Geography. We will be looking at the physical and human geographical features of landmarks in India as well as comparing life in India with life in the UK. In Science, we are taking a leap into space and exploring the planets and our own planet Earth. In Literacy we are reading the Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkein and are working towards a piece of non-fiction writing of an information text on one of the fascinating creatures of Middle Earth. In Maths, we are exploring numbers with place value, rounding, multiples and factors.

Key Stage 1

Teachers: Melissa Martin, Kathryn Baxter and Leah Brown

Support staff: Catherine Parker, Claire Omon, Sarah Cooke, Bev Brown

In KS1 our topic is ‘Superheroes’.

In Literacy, our class text is ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’ and we will be doing lots of work around the book, ending in the children writing their own diary about Charlie’s adventures.

In History we are learning about real life superheroes and how they are significant. We will be studying the work of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell.

In Science, we are learning about materials. We will be exploring properties of materials and investigating which materials are the best to use for different purposes.

In the second part of the term, our topic will be ‘Festivals’ and we will be learning about the different religious festivals, e.g. Divali and Christmas. We will also be performing Bonfire Night poems and writing our own.


Teachers: Rebecca Chard and Alison Watson.

Support Staff: Ann Clarke, Alice Jebson and Michelle Waters.

12th September – As the children are settling into FS2 we are working on making new friends, following rules and routines and our listening skills. Our topic this term is ‘What happens Once Upon a Time?’ and we are looking at fairy tales. We started with Three Little Pigs and we acted out and sequenced the story. We also turned into the big bad wolf and completed Huff Puff paintings where we used pipettes to squeeze paint onto paper and then straws to huff and puff to make a pattern.  We are now reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff and are also planning to read The Gingerbread Man and hopefully make our own.

23rd September – This week FS2 have been reading Three Billy Goats Gruff, today we imagined that the Goats were too scared to go over the bridge so they needed to make a raft. The children worked in groups to make a raft out of different materials – wood, cardboard, paper, lolly sticks and material. The children made predictions about which material would work best and then they tested it by placing a goat  on their raft and seeing if it would float. 


Teachers: Amy Nunns, Samantha Beverley

Support Staff: Helena Philips, Angela O’Nions, Jamie Wardle

As the children are settling into Nursery, we are working on making new friends, sharing with our friends, following rules and routines and our listening skills. Our topic this term is ‘Stories and Rhyme. We started by looking at the children’s favourite stories and shared them with the class. We then went on to read ‘Dear Zoo’ and made our own zoo animals and acted out the story in various ways. We even received our own special box from the zoo, with Pepper the dog inside!

Next we enjoyed reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’  We made binoculars and went on our own Bear Hunt both inside and outside the classroom. We got very muddy and wet walking through the thick squelching mud! Our classroom has now been changed and ready for ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea.’ We are going to have our own tea party and bring along our favourite teddy to join in the fun with us. After that we are planning to also read ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ and finish off with a well-known favourite, ‘The Gruffalo.’ 

Forest School

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