Teachers: Kelly Winn, Lynn Deans, Kathryn Baxter and Morgan O’Neill

Support staff: Karina Peck, Lesley Lazarus, Beth Johnson, Dylan Claasen, Amy Regan.

Autumn Term 1

We are learning about India and the water cycle in our Geography lessons. The children have already tasted wonderful Indian food and learnt about where India is on the globe. They will also learn about the major rivers in India and how the water cycle affects people’s lives in India.

In Science, we are learning about the classification of living things, including vertebrates and invertebrates.

We went on invertebrate hunt and classified the animals we found using a classification key. We completed labelled drawings of the creatures we observed.

In Literacy we are studying the book ‘The Book of Sport’ and children will be creating their own sporting information texts.

In PE, We are learning yoga and outdoor adventurous activities.