Even though we are all back at school, we need to be prepared for the event of Covid outbreaks in future. The school is continuing to develop its remote learning systems so children can continue to learn if we have future lock downs.

The school will be continuing to use the Class Dojo App, for Reception to Year 6 to connect with parents. The app was used successfully with many students in the summer term and we encourage all parents to follow the instructions below to set up the app so that your child’s education is not disrupted further.

During term time while we are still at school, we will be setting some homework on the app. So once you have logged in, check your child’s account or get them to check their account for homework. Your child will submit the homework on the website/app. Your child’s teacher will be able to see and mark the work.

If you have any problems getting onto the app/website on your devices, you must contact the school and we will give you support to get signed up. It is vitally important that you try to get onto Class Dojo as soon as possible so that we are well prepared for any eventuality.

If we do have a lockdown and you are not able to access the work on Class Dojo, we will send a printed sheet to your house with work for your child to complete. This does not have to be returned to school but a member of staff will contact you weekly to check your child is doing their home learning.

Class Dojo is a well-established tool in many schools and is secure. We will not share the information you upload with anyone else.

How to sign up to Class Dojo

  1. On a smart phone, tablet or laptop search for Class Dojo. It is website or an app that can be downloaded from the app store. Download the app or open the website.
  2. Click I am parent.
  3. Create a parent account – The app will ask you to create a parent account using an e mail address and your own password..
  4. Click Find teacher.
  5. Connect with our school. Search for Great Coates Primary School and it will allow you to connect with our school.
  6. Find your teacher – click on your child’s teacher’s name.
  7. Type in your child’s name
  8. Press request to connect. This will send an e mail to your child’s teacher. You will then have a parent account and will be able to see whole school messages.
  9. It will tell you that your connection to the child is pending.
  10. (Ignore the unlock the full experience advert- Press x)
  11. Click Yes I agree to e mails.
  12. It may take a day for you to be linked to your child. When you are linked an e mail we be sent to you to confirm you are linked to your child.
  13. To see your child’s account you need to go to the profile picture button in the top left and you will be able to open your child’s account.
  14. If you are having problems with logging into your child’s account, e mail the school and we can send you a link to your child’s work.
  15. You will then be able to open your child’s work. This will be shown in your child’s account. Access this by clicking activity.
  16. Your child can complete work, by pressing start next to the work. You can type, take a photo, make a video or draw. Submit the work by pressing the blue arrow. It will be sent to your teacher who will approve the work.
  17. The account can be set up on other devices, using your parent login details and opening your child’s work, so once you have created an account your child can use it on their tablet/phone/laptop.

If you do not sign up to Class Dojo in the upcoming weeks, and we have your e mail, we will e mail you with a link and instructions to sign up.