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Miss Baxter - Year 1/2


Miss Baxter Year 1/2

Summer Term 2

Topic: Paddington


In Literacy this term we have been exploring a range of different writing skills. We began by looking at persuasive texts where we all wrote a persuasive letter to our parents about our Teddy Bears Picnic in which we tried to persuade them to let us bring our favourite teddy and snack. We must have done a good job as we all brought our teddies and lots of snack and had a fantastic picnic!


As part of our Teddy Bears Picnic we also looked at instructions and had a go at writing our own set of instructions for making a marmalade sandwich – Paddington’s favourite!! We then followed our instructions, getting rather sticky in the process and made some marmalade sandwiches that we all tried at our picnic. Here we are making them

We have also done lots of work on using descriptive language, for example after going to Whitgift to watch Paddington 2 we all wrote a film review; we all really enjoyed the film and said we would recommend it to our friends and family telling them about our favourite parts and characters. After that we decided to help save Paddington by creating our own wanted posters for the bad guy in the film, for this we had to think carefully about the character and use lots of good, descriptive language. Miss Baxter then tried to challenge us by getting us to use expanded noun phrases about Paddington but we all did an amazing job and impressed her with our super sentences!

Another skill we have worked on is using comparative language; to do this we compared the recent Paddington film to older versions of Paddington TV shows.


Our topic in Science was ‘Seasonal Changes’. We have learnt all about how here in England we have four seasons and the different weather and conditions associated with these. To do this we all became weather experts and monitored the weather; measuring the temperature and rainfall. We now know that in spring the trees and plants start to grow and bloom, lots of animals have their babies and the days get longer whilst the nights get shorter. We then looked at how we need to stay safe in summer and the hot, sunny weather. We all did amazing and created lots of fantastic ‘Sun Safety’ posters!


Over the last term in Art we have been looking at London Landmarks and Paddington and using a range of different art techniques and forms of media to create some masterpieces.

We began by using a tracing technique to trace London Landmarks which was quite tricky as lots of them were very detailed so we had to take our time and be very careful.

Miss Baxter was most impressed with our directed draws; we all watched a video and followed the step by step instructions on how to draw Paddington Bear. Everyone did AMAZING, so much so we made and decorated frames for them!