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Mrs Brown - Year 1/2


PE - Monster Mash

This term in Mrs Brown’s class we have been exploring our topic ‘Castles, Knights and Princesses’. We started off with a visit from Peter the Peddler. He brought in lots of medieval artifacts for us to handle and play with, we looked at medieval toys and even wrote with a feather quill. This inspired us to learn more about Medieval times.

In Music we thought about beat and tempo and learnt a medieval dance, did you know that although the music was quite quick, the dancers were very slow because they wore lots of heavy layers of clothing?

Art has included a directed draw of a castle using heavy lines and shading and we reproduced the ‘Castle and Sun’ artwork by Paul Klee using 2D shapes.

Literacy has been all about fairy stories, we immersed ourselves in the story of ‘The Frog Prince’ and practiced retelling the tale using puppets and props. We wrote our own version and some of us changed the ending a little bit!

Science has been linked to traditional tales this term. We have examined different materials and learnt what they are used for. We have designed a cape for Red Riding Hood and tested the houses of the Three Little Pigs.

We are looking at Autumn changes at the moment and are learning Autumn poetry off by heart, creating soup and finding out who Arcimboldo is.

What a busy term it has been so far!