Message from Miss Chard

FS1 & 2 Parents
We are all missing you very much and can see you’ve been busy on Education City. Don’t forget to put any home learning or fun activities you’ve been doing on ILD with pictures if you have them, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to. If anyone is struggling to get online or needs a new log in please email me at [email protected] Thanks.

If it is necessary for your child to stay at home during term time, please use the following links and resources to support their learning at home.

Try your best and enjoy.

Phonics and writing

Please practice recognising all phase 2 sounds found on the phonics mat below and practice reading and writing words and sentences which can be made with these sounds, e.g. hat, pan. cat on a mat.

Phonics Play

This is an excellent website you normally have to subscribe to, which has made their resources free to all for the coronavirus.

Here is a link to a powerpoint to help your child practice their letter formation.

Make sure you click ‘Download for free’ in the top right hand corner.


Children in FS2 can practise recognising and writing numbers 1-20 as well as adding and subtracting single digit numbers e.g. 6 + 3 =  . The following link has some fun games to help do this.

Physical Activity

Children could also practise some physical activity by looking at cosmic yoga on youtube.

Or practising fine motor skills by looking at dough disco on youtube is one link but there are lots more.

Other useful websites

Phonics Play

ABC mouse