Weekly Home Learning Activities

Week Beginning 1st March

Thursday 4th March – World Book Day

All our activities today are based around the book ‘What the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson. Watch the video below and then sequence the story.

Geography Can you plan a route around the map of the farmyard?
Watch the story carefully and then mark down which route the robbers took. You could plan your own route to trick the robbers!


Can you learn the ladybird song with Julia Donaldson?

Wednesday 3rd March

For phonics today can you look at the sounds we have learnt so far and write a word for each one ( it doesn’t have to be the picture) e.g. s – sun, a – ant. Then read the Yes/No questions and discuss the answer with an adult or sibling.

English To continue with our book Jack and the Meanstalk today we are going to think about being kind. Jack helped the meanstalk to be kind think about how can we kind? What kind things do you already do? e.g. share with your siblings, help mum with washing up.
Can you think of something we can do each day to be kind? e.g. give a compliment.
Make a list of the kind things and try and complete some this week.

Physical For today’s P.E can you complete the Andy’s Wild Workout video…

Tuesday 2nd March

Maths This week we are looking at repeated patterns, patterns that repeat themselves e.g. girl, boy, girl, boy, girl boy. Here is a game using shapes for repeated patterns.

Creative To continue with our learning on Jack and the Meanstalk/Beanstalk can you create your own beanstalk? You can build, colour, paint use whatever resources you have around the house.

Physical Complete the Jack and the Beanstalk yoga using the link below.

Monday 1st March

Phonics Can you find the CVC words in the wordsearch below and then have a go at making your own wordsearch? Send me your wordsearch and I will pass it on to your friends.

English This week’s book is Jack and the meanstalk which is similar to Jack and the beanstalk. Listen to the story and compare it to Jack and the beanstalk.
Here is a link if you’re not familiar with the story.

Please complete the reading comprehension for this week which is below.

Physical Activity Complete the PE with Joe video or choose one of your own.

Week Beginning 22nd February

Friday 26th February

Phonics Today’s phonics is to practise writing. I have attached some pictures, with a selection of sounds. Choose the correct sounds that make up the words and then write them.

As an extra challenge I would then like you to write a sentence for each word. e.g the bee in the garden.

Parents – remember to encourage your child to use their phonics and don’t worry if they spell things incorrectly as long as they are spelling phonetically.

Extra activity for anyone that wants to practise blending.

Topic I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Giant of Jum this week. For fun Friday I thought it would be great to do some baking or help mums and dads make a meal today. Think about the ingredients you’re using, are they healthy or unhealthy? (Don’t worry we are allowed an unhealthy treat now and again). Can’t wait to see what you get up to.
**Please don’t go on an unnecessary trip to the shops for this activity**

PE For today’s PE complete the video ‘I can move my body like anything’

Then have a think about how you would move your body if you were a giant? Would you tiptoe or stomp? skip or stamp? Wave your arms in the air or drag them on the floor?

Show me your best giant impressions!
Maya Maliszewska3 hours

Thursday 25th February

English For literacy/topic today we are going to make a word stew.
Thinking about the giant in the story can you write down some words to describe the giant. Sort them out into two bowls – one nice, one nasty. Which one do you think the giant is?
I have attached a list of words to help, maybe discuss them with an adult and decide if they go in the nice work stew or the horrible word stew.

Maths Today we are going to continue our work on measuring using non standard units of measurement, today we are using our feet. Measure things in your house and see how many of your feet long they are.

PE Today’s P.E is zumba! Enjoy the video below or choose some of your exercises but remember to get moving everyday!

Wednesday 24th February

English The giant says Children make a fabulous meal, but what is your favourite meal?
Can you design your own menu? With a starter, main and a dessert.
You could write your menu or draw/paint pictures of your favourite meal. Or make it out of playdough.

Physical Development Here is a link to a Jack and the Beanstalk dance to learn for today’s activity.

Reading Sing this tricky word song.
Recap these words:
I, no, go, to, into, and, the, he, she, we, me, be
Play tricky word bingo by drawing a bingo board, choosing some of the tricky words and ask an adult to call out some words.
Then we are going to practise sentences, look at this game to help.

Tuesday 23rd February

Maths This week we are going to look at measuring in non standard units (not in cm, m) if you can draw get someone to draw around you and measure yourself in footprints. How many footprints tall are you?

Personal, Social and Emotional development The Giant of Jum is very hungry and there are lots of foods mentioned in the book so today we are going to think about healthy and unhealthy foods. Can you look around your kitchen and talk about which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy?
Think about what would happen if you only ate unhealthy food.
Can you draw a healthy packed lunch box?
Physical Education Complete the cosmic yoga video or choose one of your own.

Monday 22nd February

PhonicsPractice reading and writing all of the sounds you have learnt this term. 
TopicRead book the Giant of Jum   Grumpy, grouch, grizzling, grumbling let’s turn this giant’s frown upside down. Can we create 4 words to describe the giant at the end of the story? Greatest, Graduating, Grandness of Gruffiness! Use Walk, Action, Voice, Expression to create an awareness of the giant’s mood.
P.EPE with Joe

Other Home Learning Activities

Phonics and writing

Please practice recognising all phase 2 sounds found on the phonics mat below and practice reading and writing words and sentences which can be made with these sounds, e.g. hat, pan. cat on a mat.

Phonics Play

This is an excellent website you normally have to subscribe to, which has made their resources free to all for the coronavirus.

Here is a link to a powerpoint to help your child practice their letter formation.

Make sure you click ‘Download for free’ in the top right hand corner.


Children in FS2 can practise recognising and writing numbers 1-20 as well as adding and subtracting single digit numbers e.g. 6 + 3 =  . The following link has some fun games to help do this.

Physical Activity

Children could also practise some physical activity by looking at cosmic yoga on youtube.

Or practising fine motor skills by looking at dough disco on youtube is one link but there are lots more.

Other useful websites

Phonics Play

ABC mouse