Weekly Home Learning Activities

Week Beginning Monday 25th January

Book of the week Our book of the week is The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins. It is a non-fiction text meaning it is true facts. This week we are going to be making a fact file all about penguins. Your first task is to make a front cover. It needs a title, a picture and the author. Each day we are going to do another page for the fact file so that at the end of the week you have your own information book about penguins.
Here is the link to the story.

Monday 25nd January

Phonics Today’s sound is the digraph ‘ai’ as in rain and snail.
What can you find around the house that has an ‘ai’ sound in it? This is tricky as there are a few different spellings of the ‘ai’ sound but we are looking at the ‘ai’ spelling today.
Practise writing ai using the sheet attached or just some paper in your workbook.
Challenge: Write some of your own ai words or even better an ai sentence.

Phonics 2 Today’s sound of the day is Z. Sing the jolly jingle.
What words can you think of that have a z in them?
Watch Geraldine the giraffe to help.
Practise writing the letter Z using the attached sheet or on your own.
Challenge: Can you write some Z words by yourself. e.g. zip, zig, zag, Zac

Physical Activity Can you do PE with Jo or you can create your own physical activity.

Week Beginning Monday 18th January

Friday 22nd January

Phonics Play the abc song and follow the alphabet on your thrass mat.

Recap previous sounds, you could make them out of playdough.

Say the ng sound. What words can you think of that have an ng in them. Say the sound w. Sing the jolly jingle.

Can you think of anything beginning with a w, e.g. wellies, wind, wet.

Thursday 21st January

Maths Today we are going to do the opposite of addition we are going to try subtraction. Like addition you can do this using objects or a number line (counting back) I have attached a sheet with some questions.

Physical Activity For Thursday’s P.E I would like you to practise your gymnastics and try some rolls.
Warm up first by jogging on the spot, star jumping and stretching.
Then try the rolls that are on the link

BE CAREFUL!! Make sure an adult is present and that any furniture, objects are out the way.

Wednesday 20th January

English Recap previous sounds by making a bingo board, write some phonemes on it and get an adult to call out phonemes. If you have them cross them off when you’ve got them all shout bingo.
Say the sound th for thumb. Can you find it on the thrass mat? Sing along using the jolly phonics jingle.
Can you think of any objects that have a th?

Physical Development For Wednesday’s P.E I would like you to learn this penguin dance. Can’t wait to see!

Then for Topic follow the instructions to draw a penguin.

Tuesday 19th January

Maths Today we are going to do some addition to 20. First of all recap recognising numbers to 20, this could be using flashcards or your number line.

Practise adding numbers to 10 to start with either using objects or your number line and counting on. If confident add numbers to 20. I have attached a sheet but feel free to make up your own questions.

Challenge: If you want to continue practising adding here is a game you can play online.

Physical Activity For P.E today complete Pedro the Penguin Cosmic yoga using the following link. If it doesn’t work go on you tube and look up cosmic yoga.
Happy Tuesday!

Design and Technology I would like you to practise your fine motor skills and make a snowflake following the instructions on the video.

Challenge: Why not decorate your snowflake with glitter and sparkles? Try making a few snowflakes and make a snowflake mobile. I will send a picture as an example.

Monday 18th January

English This week our book is Lost and Found, here is a link or there is a video of me reading it.

Imagine you have lost you favorite toy or teddy and make a lost poster for it. Draw a picture of it, describe it. You can use the template attached or make your own up.

Reading Please complete the reading comprehension

Physical Activity For P.E I would like you to complete PE with Joe using the attached link or one of the other PE with Joe videos on YouTube.

Other Home Learning Activities

Phonics and writing

Please practice recognising all phase 2 sounds found on the phonics mat below and practice reading and writing words and sentences which can be made with these sounds, e.g. hat, pan. cat on a mat.

Phonics Play

This is an excellent website you normally have to subscribe to, which has made their resources free to all for the coronavirus.

Here is a link to a powerpoint to help your child practice their letter formation.

Make sure you click ‘Download for free’ in the top right hand corner.


Children in FS2 can practise recognising and writing numbers 1-20 as well as adding and subtracting single digit numbers e.g. 6 + 3 =  . The following link has some fun games to help do this.

Physical Activity

Children could also practise some physical activity by looking at cosmic yoga on youtube.

Or practising fine motor skills by looking at dough disco on youtube is one link but there are lots more.

Other useful websites

Phonics Play

ABC mouse