Teachers: Rebecca Chard and Alison Watson.

Support Staff: Ann Clarke, Alice Jebson and Michelle Waters.

Spring Term

To introduce our new topic ‘Would you rather be a pirate or a princess?’ today FS2 have been pirates and been on treasure hunt, the children had to follow clues, work as a team and use their phonics to read words to find the treasure (chocolate coins).  They all enjoyed being pirates for the day!

Autumn Term 2019

12th September – As the children are settling into FS2 we are working on making new friends, following rules and routines and our listening skills. Our topic this term is ‘What happens Once Upon a Time?’ and we are looking at fairy tales. We started with Three Little Pigs and we acted out and sequenced the story. We also turned into the big bad wolf and completed Huff Puff paintings where we used pipettes to squeeze paint onto paper and then straws to huff and puff to make a pattern.  We are now reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff and are also planning to read The Gingerbread Man and hopefully make our own.

23 rd September – This week FS2 have been reading Three Billy Goats Gruff, today we imagined that the Goats were too scared to go over the bridge so they needed to make a raft. The children worked in groups to make a raft out of different materials – wood, cardboard, paper, lolly sticks and material. The children made predictions about which material would work best and then they tested it by placing a goat  on their raft and seeing if it would float.