If it is necessary for your child to stay at home during term time, please complete the following work.

Week Beginning 1st March

Thursday 4th March – World Book Day

Can you create a book cover for a book you think Matilda will like? Write a few lines about your chosen book.

Make a Matilda Bookmark

Wednesday 3rd March

PE: Watch the video and have a go at the activity.

Art: Create an scene of Iceland. Use google images with an adult to help you to get ideas.

English Our literacy lesson will be on zoom again this morning so please come to the lesson with your sentences from yesterday, paper and a pencil. You should have received an email with an invitation.

Maths Watch the 5 times table song

Tuesday 2nd March

Science This week we are learning about different habitats. A habitat is where a plant or animal lives.
Watch this video
English This morning we would like you to join your class zoom lesson. Please see the link in your emails or on class dojo. You will need some paper and a pencil and also the activity worksheet attached.

Maths Today we are practising our 2 Times Tables
Watch the 2 times table song below:

Monday 1st March

Phonics Today in Phonics we are looking at the ‘ir’ sound.
You will need to read the words on the sheet below and find the real words and nonsense words.

Comprehension Read the information and answer the questions.

Maths Today we are revisiting number bonds to 10.
Watch the super movers number bonds to 10 dance
Play Hit the Button
Press Number Bonds and Make 10

Please choose a video from Cosmic Kids Yoga

Think about the difference between boys and girls. Make a list of ways they are similar and ways they are different.

Week Beginning 22nd February

Friday 26th February

Maths Please practise telling the time.

For your Literacy we would like you to write sentences using the following words:
Remember to include capital letters and full stops. Try to add some adjectives (describing words) in your sentences too!

PE: Please choose a video from Cosmic Kids Yoga

Think about the difference between boys and girls. Make a list of ways they are similar and ways they are different.

Thursday 25th February

Maths Today we are looking at the Months of the year.
Please watch the link below: Try to learn the names and order of the months of the year.

Literacy Look at the word mat of time connectives.
Read them carefully and write sentences using a time connective in each sentence about the video that you have been watching “Taking Flight”

PE: Choose a just dance video to practise today.


Have a go at drawing a meerkat. Use this guided draw to help you.

Wednesday 24th February

PE– Agility and throws. Watch the video and have a go at the activity:

Design and Teachnology– Choose a recipe you have never made before and have a go at making it.

Phonics Today we’re learning the ie sound, complete the worksheet below.

English Think about the adventure. Re-watch the clip from 3.38 – 4.07 of when grandpa and the boy visit space.
Make a bank of adjectives to describe space.
Write sentences to describe space using adjectives. Make sure you include capital letters and full stops.
Challenge: can you include a range of punctuation that we have learnt?

Maths Practice singing this song to help you learn the days of the week.
Complete the activity by filling in the yesterday and tomorrow days of the week.

Maths Watch the video about telling the time to quarter to and quarter past.

Monday 22nd February

Geography Our new topic is a Geography unit called ‘What if Meerkats Wanted to Live in Iceland?’ Watch an episode of Meerkat Manor (series 1 episode 1). Can you find out where meerkats live?
In PE we would like you to practise your throwing skills. Please use the youtube link to help.

Year 1 and 2 English

Phonics. Please complete this sheet. You can write the words on paper.


Maths Year 1 and 2

Please watch the video about telling the time to o’clock and half past.

Other Learning Activities

Year 2 Sats Paper Practise

Please help your child to do well in year 2 by practicing SATs papers using the following link. . You need to sign up with your e mail but it is a free site and all past papers are on there for children to access.

Phonics Play

This is an excellent website you normally have to subscribe to, which has made their resources free to all for the coronavirus.


Please learn to spell the year 1 and 2 common exception words found in the following document.


Encourage your child to write by asking them to start a diary of what they have done while they were off to share with their teacher when they come back to school. Below is a Thrass mat which we use in school to help children to spell while they write.


Pupils in year 2 need to learn their 2,5 and 10 times tables.

Year 1 pupils need to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. They need to know their doubles up to 10 e.g. double 6 is 12.

Other websites and activities

Please visit the main Home Learning Zone Page for other websites and fun activities for children to do while they are not in school.