Education City is the schools online learning platform and teachers are setting literacy activities each day for pupils to do. Teachers can see the work that pupils do and are really pleased with the learning pupils are doing on Education City.

The Oak National Academy, the government run online classroom has excellent on line lessons for literacy. Using these resources will be one of the best ways of keeping your children on track. Lessons are published weekly and are appropriate for our children. Just follow the lessons in the order they are published each week. They begin with a recap of previous learning and so if the lessons are too easy pupils can skip to lessons which are more appropriate for them.

BBC Bitesize is online and on the TV. The programmes and activities on there are engaging and entertaining.

Pobble 365 is a free website we often use in school with daily literacy activities. Visit . If your child does some wonderful writing please e mail it to the office and we can share it on our website.


Click on the files below to find the long spelling lists for Years 1 to 6 which children are required to learn and will be tested on in school

Click on the document below to find fun ways to learn your spellings.

If you would like to give your child a weekly spelling test while school is not running you can use the above spelling lists or the spelling lists below.

Sirlinkalot is an award winning website with fun spelling activities. The website is offering free access for parents at the moment. Follow the link for a code.


One of the best things you can do for your child’s learning is to encourage them to read. Your child should have a school reading book at home. If your child needs other books to read please contact the school and we will discuss how we can support you with this. The school is updating its library and so when the school is open we have boxes of books outside the school free for you to take home and keep. Please visit the school on your daily walk to pick up some books.

Everyday, the children’s author David Walliams is releasing an online audio story. Go to

All children’s audiobooks, including some very popular titles, are free on Audible UK. Follow the link.

You can also sign up to Vooks on line storybooks for a year of free animated on-line books. You need to click that you are a home school teacher.

Also the following website is offering free subscriptions to on on-line books: