Maths Home Learning

Education City is the schools online learning platform and teachers are setting mathematics activities each day for pupils to do. Teachers can see the work that pupils complete and are really pleased with pupil’s home learning on Education City.

Times Tables Rock Stars is a website to help pupils learn and practise their maths skills. Follow the link for more information.

The Oak National Academy, the government run online classroom has excellent on line lessons for maths. Using these resources will be one of the best ways of keeping your children on track. Lessons are published weekly and are appropriate for our children. Just follow the lessons in the order they are published each week. They begin with a recap of previous learning and so if the lessons are too easy pupils can skip to lessons which are more appropriate for them.

BBC Bitesize is online and on the TV. The programmes and activities are engaging and entertaining and will support your child in learning maths.

White Rose Maths is a website which we use in school all the time. They have made their resources accessible to everyone. Follow the link.

Multiplication Tables Check. The Multiplication Check (MTC) was scheduled to be taken by Year 4 pupils in June this year but will no linger be going ahead. The pupils may be asked to complete the test in Year 5. Year 3 pupils will be taking the test next year. To practice the test follow the link. is a website with many online maths games which will help pupil’s to keep practising their maths skills.