Message from Miss Emson

Welcome back to our first newsletter of this term.  I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and look forward to the term ahead. We started the first week straight in with our picture book study across the school as part of our drive to build a culture of reading for pleasure.   As a result the children have produced some truly fantastic writing and art work which is being displayed all over the school.  If any of you have joined us on our Twitter journey you will know that each class has its own Twitter account where they will be sharing all of the fantastic work they do on a daily basis.  This is part of our praise culture that we are adopting across our school.

As well as promoting work, there will be key messages and information too.  I will be writing to you in the next week with a particular focus on the praise culture at Great Coates Primary School. I really am proud of the whole community and want to ensure the children of Great Coates Primary receive the very best of everything we can offer.   Following this, all children have received a book bag and we’re hoping to see these in school everyday with reading books and records.  Clubs have started after school – thank you to all who expressed an interest. We had an overwhelming response and we really did try to accommodate as many children as possible.  Moving forward, we are seeking to provide even more provision and are looking at this closely. 
Our newsletter will have a slightly different look because we have included all the class Twitter accounts for you to look at. Our facebook page is closing at Half term as it is not the school’s preferred way to communicate. We will send some additional information regarding this separately and ensure you are all fully informed of how you can keep in contact with us. 
Enjoy the weekend – do something which will make you smile.  And, I look forward to seeing you all again next week. 

Dates for your diary

Year 4 Swimming Dates
17th, 24th, 31st, Feb 7th, 21st, 28th, March 7th, 14th.
Safer Internet Day8.2.22
Close for half term11.02.22
World Book Day04.03.22
Visit to school by a Paraolympian. More details to follow15.3.22
Close for Easter holidays 01.04.22
Open for Summer Term20.04.22


Mrs WoodMrs WatsonMiss WinnMrs BrownMrs CoxMiss BaxterMrs BradleyMiss O’NeillMr BaxterMrs Martin
95% 96%96%96%95%92%92%93% 94%95% 

Good attendance is classed as 96% and above. Well done Mrs Watson’s class, Miss Winn’s class and Mrs Brown’s class.


Mrs WoodMrs WatsonMiss WinnMrs BrownMrs CoxMiss BaxterMrs BradleyMiss O’NeillMr BaxterMrs Martin
62%77%62%93%62%57 %81% 81%20%95%

Stars of the week

Key Stage 1

Mrs Woods – Catherine W

Miss Winn – Joey H

Miss Watson – Orianna G

Mrs Brown – Abigail W

Key Stage 2

Mrs Cox – Kellen B

Miss Baxter – Finley BC

Mrs Bradley – Charlie T

Miss O’Neill – Leroy O

Mrs Martin – Evie W

Mr Baxter – Sienna T

Year 6 Superstars

Each week up to six year 6 children are chosen as the Year 6 Superstars, for their efforts in school with behaviour or learning and because they are incredible role models for the rest of the school. These children get a special badge to wear for the week.

This week’s Year 6 Superstars are:

Neil Y

Bobby L

Jess F


If your child will not be attending school, please call the school office on 01472 808608 or email the school on [email protected] to report their absence. For planned absences, please do this before the first day of the absence.

When a child does not attend school, and no explanation has been provided, the school will contact the individuals listed on our system as contacts, starting with the primary contacts. If we cannot reach any of these contacts, or we do not receive a satisfying response as to the whereabouts and safety of the pupils, we will immediately send a staff member to the pupil’s home. If there is no response, we will contact the police.

Times Tables Rock Stars

This is the leaderboard for Times Tables Rock Stars. Well done these children for working hard on your times tables.

1. Deon OY6
2. Phenix MY3
3. Cody DY6
4. Jasmine MY6
5. Vienna HY5
6. Max KY3
7. Jack CY5
8. Olly CY6
9. Isabelle HY6
10. Alicia JY6

To get on the leaderboard you need to play on ‘Studio’ on times tables rock stars and you need to play at least 10 times.

The school is 21st out of 30 in the league table of local schools. Keep playing everyone.


Below are our expectations on uniform which will also serve as a reference throughout the year.

SWEATSHIRT: Logo sweatshirt or a plain red sweatshirt or cardigan.

SKIRT/TROUSERS: Black or dark grey skirts/pinafore or trousers/shorts/ red check summer dress

SHIRT White polo shirts underneath sweatshirts      

SHOES: Black flat school shoes – no trainers.


Plain white t shirt / black shorts/ Plimsolls or trainers for inside P.E.

Trainers for outdoor games.

Jogging bottoms or dark coloured track suits may be worn in cold weather.


Earrings – No-earrings except small studs are allowed in school. We have had a small number of children with hoop earrings in school. These present a Health and Safety risk to the children. If we deem that your child’s earrings are unsafe we will ask the child to remove them or telephone parents to ask them to remove them.

No earrings should be worn for PE.

What have we been learning this week?

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