Message from Miss Emson

I am going to keep my message brief this week but want to use this opportunity to clarify a few things.  Our newsletters are just one way of getting information out to you but if we want you to know something specific then you will also receive additional communication from us via email.  Where possible we are communicating electronically rather than paper based.  For this to happen successfully we must have up-to-date contact numbers and email addresses.  If, for some reason you feel you are not getting certain communication from us, please let us know.

 Please ensure children have appropriate clothing for the colder weather – some children are not bringing coats or warmer clothing for outdoor games. I also want to remind you about school start times.  Our doors are open from 8:40 and the children MUST be in school by 8:50am – after this time your child is classed as late.  Thank you to those of you who are supporting the return of our one way system – this was an additional measure we were advised to implement by PHE – many other schools in the area have introduced similar measures and some much more stringent so I really would like your support with this.


96% and above is classed as good attendance.

NurseryMrs WoodMrs WatsonMiss WinnMrs BrownMrs CoxMiss BaxterMrs BradleyMiss O’NeillMr BaxterMrs Martin
82% 92% 90%94%86%91%92%86%90% 78%85% 


Please hear your child read 3 times a week at home. This is the expectation in all schools across the country to ensure that pupils make the progress in reading that is necessary. If your child is not reading 3 times a week at home they are at risk of falling behind.

Mrs WoodMrs WatsonMiss WinnMrs BrownMrs CoxMiss BaxterMrs BradleyMiss O’NeillMr BaxterMrs Martin
54%57%57%86%87%31 %41 %71 %75%95%

Dates for your diary

Year 4 Swimming Begins 29.11.21
Flu vaccines (Information has been emailed)02.12.21
Christmas Jumper Day10.12.21
Christmas Dinner and Christmas Party Day15.12.21
End of Autumn Term17.12.21
Beginning of Spring Term05.01.22

Times Tables Rock Stars

This is the leaderboard for Times Tables Rock Stars. Well done these children for working hard on your times tables.

1. Deon OY6
2. Phenix MY3
3. Cody DY6
4.Jasmine MY6
5. Vienna HFY5
6. Jack CY5
7. Isobelle HY6
8. Olly CranY6
9. Ashleigh GY6
10. Jordan MPY6

To get on the leaderboard you need to play on ‘Studio’ on times tables rock stars and you need to play at least 10 times.

What have we been learning this week?

Miss Winn

In Literacy, we are learning about the story ‘Old Bear’, this week we have been busy making predictions and writing a character description about the characters within the story. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this book and are very good at using adjectives to describe the characters.

Within Topic, we have been looking into the history of bears, comparing teddy bears from the past to today. The children have created a timeline of ‘famous bears’ and compared these. We have also been creating split pin bears within the fine motor area which the children can all do independently. In art, we have also created our own bear drawings using a step by step guidance on how to do this.

As last week was anti-bullying week, we are still having had a huge focus on being kind and ensuring everyone is considerate towards each other’s feelings.

Mrs Brown

Year 2 have created their own Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol.

Mrs Cox

This term our theme ‘What if the earth started to shake?’ In Geography we have enjoyed learning about how earthquakes and volcanoes happen. In literacy we have been reading the book ‘ The Pebble in my Pocket’ by Meridith Hooper. It tells the story of how pebbles are formed.

This week the children have written explanation texts about how pebbles are formed.

We have also drawn illustrations of volcanoes.