Message from Miss Emson

We’ve almost reached the end of term and this week has seen our tree go up in the hall.  All children have contributed to the decorations and this year our theme is the Twelve Days of Christmas,  All of the classrooms have themed their doors linked to this theme too.  Pictures of each door will be found on our newsletter next week as well as Twitter. 

As we’re approaching the end of term I just want to remind you of some of the fabulous things we have coming up: Our EYFS nativity, a whole school carol concert.  We have also begun a reading advent calendar in each class – ask your children what this it about and a kindness advent calendar as we are continuing with this theme from anti-bullying week. 

Following on from ‘kindness’ can I remind parents/carers that we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff or other parents on our school site.   Behaviour such as this could lead to a letter being issued from the governors or a ban from school site. 

Can I remind parents also, on a less ‘Christmassy note’, that children should NOT be bringing mobile phones into school for any reason. It is a huge safeguarding issue when children have phones in school without us knowing as well as the risk of them being stolen.  Thank you for your continued support in this matter. 

Dates for your diary

Year 4 Swimming Dates
Nov. 29th, Dec 6th, Jan 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, Feb 7th, 21st, 28th, March 7th, 14th.
Christmas Jumper Day – Children to come in a Christmas jumper instead of school jumper. The rest of the school uniform needs to be worn please10.12.21
EYFS Concert 9am, 10:30am, 2pm13.12.21
Christmas Dinner – Please pay before 6th Dec15.12.21
Christmas Party Day – More details to follow15.12.21
School Christmas Carol Service 2:30 on large school playground16.11.21
Pantomime – in the morning, returning to school for lunchtime16.12.21
End of Autumn Term – School closes 2pm17.12.21
Beginning of Spring Term 05.01.22


Mrs WoodMrs WatsonMiss WinnMrs BrownMrs CoxMiss BaxterMrs BradleyMiss O’NeillMr BaxterMrs Martin
90 % 95%94%94%84%93%89%96% 95%96% 
Good attendance is classed as 96% and above. Well done Nursery, Miss O’Neill’s class and Mrs Martin’s class.


Mrs WoodMrs WatsonMiss WinnMrs BrownMrs CoxMiss BaxterMrs BradleyMiss O’NeillMr BaxterMrs Martin
31%41%46%85%45%25 %21% 33%43%57 %

Stars of the week

Key Stage 1

Mrs Woods – Leo B

Miss Winn – Isaac O

Miss Watson – Daniel T

Mrs Brown – Ebony O

Key Stage 2

Mrs Cox – Oscar B

Miss Baxter – Isabella P

Miss O’Neill – Kenny M

Mrs Martin – Jake W

Mr Baxter – Laila K

Year 6 Superstars

Each week up to six year 6 children are chosen as the Year 6 Superstars, for their efforts in school with behaviour or learning and because they are incredible role models for the rest of the school. These children get a special badge to wear for the week.

This week’s Year 6 Superstars are:

Alexander D

Bobby L

Ruby C

Summer S

Cody D


If your child will not be attending school, please call the school office on 01472 808608 or email the school on [email protected] to report their absence. For planned absences, please do this before the first day of the absence.

When a child does not attend school, and no explanation has been provided, the school will contact the individuals listed on our system as contacts, starting with the primary contacts. If we cannot reach any of these contacts, or we do not receive a satisfying response as to the whereabouts and safety of the pupils, we will immediately send a staff member to the pupil’s home. If there is no response, we will contact the police.

Times Tables Rock Stars

This is the leaderboard for Times Tables Rock Stars. Well done these children for working hard on your times tables.

1. Deon OY6
2. Phenix MY3
3. Cody DY6
4. Jasmine MY6
5. Vienna HY5
6. Jack CY5
7. Isabelle HY6
8. Olly CY6
9. Ashleigh GY6
10. Max KY3
To get on the leaderboard you need to play on ‘Studio’ on times tables rock stars and you need to play at least 10 times.

The school is 19th out of 30 in the league table of local schools. Well done! We have moved up!


Below are our expectations on uniform which will also serve as a reference throughout the year.

SWEATSHIRT: Logo sweatshirt or a plain red sweatshirt or cardigan.

SKIRT/TROUSERS: Black or dark grey skirts/pinafore or trousers/shorts/ red check summer dress

SHIRT White polo shirts underneath sweatshirts      

SHOES: Black flat school shoes – no trainers.


Plain white t shirt / black shorts/ Plimsolls or trainers for inside P.E.

Trainers for outdoor games.

Jogging bottoms or dark coloured track suits may be worn in cold weather.

Earrings – No-earrings except small studs. No earrings for PE

Other News

Whole School Carol Concert

On Thursday 16th December at 2:30 we are inviting all of the parents onto the large playground where we will be singing carols. Please make sure your child is well wrapped up on that day as we will be outside for quite a while. The entrance to the event will be the side gate near the large car park. We look forward to everyone coming along and joining in with traditional carols.

Year 3 Community Nativity

The children in Year 3 will be taking part in a community nativity service at Bishop King Centre on Friday 10th December at 2:30pm. Parents are welcome. Please return your permission slip for this event.

What have we been learning this week?

Whole School Christmas Make Day

On Monday we had a craft day in school to make decorations for our enormous Christmas tree (themed around the Twelve Days of Christmas) and to decorate our doors. Look at the wonderful creations we have made.

Mrs Martin

This week, we have been busy decorating our door and making our Christmas tree decorations. Here are some photos of the children sewing their geese to go with our theme, ‘Six Geese-a-Laying’.
In PE, we have been doing dodgeball, however, we have had to start doing PE outside due to Covid so we are now doing hockey. Here are some photos of us doing dodgeball. The children have loved it and can’t wait until we can finish our unit next term (hopefully).

In English, we have just finished our independent writing from The Hobbit. We have written a diary entry as though we are Bilbo Baggins. Here are some examples of our writing.

Mr Baxter

In Literacy this week, Year 6 have been taking the role of Bilbo Baggins and writing a diary entry. They have worked hard to think about how they can include semi colons and colons to join clauses and use a variety of different sentences structures. We explored a variety of different language to include in our writing such as ‘engulfed’ and ‘incinerated’.

In Maths, the children have been tackling fractions with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They have looked at them practically and in different contexts. We have just began to move onto coordinates across four quadrants, using the correct vocabulary: horizontal, vertical, vertex. The children have been working hard to improve their arithmetic scores for their mock SATS next week and we have particularly been focusing on long division and multiplication.

In PE, children have been taking part in hockey and netball and learning different passes and positioning in both sports and how to apply them into a game situation. This week in PHSE, the children discussed human rights and what they thought were 9 rights that all humans should have, which created an incredible debate where they shared fantastic ideas.

As the festive season is now upon us, as a school, each class has had to choose a day from the 12 days of Christmas. Our class, chose 12 drummers drumming in which we made mini drums from cotton wheels for the Christmas tree in our school hall as well as mini drummer boys from cardboard tubes.

Many classes have been taking part in testing this week and we would love say a massive well done to the children for their hard work. Next week year six will be taking part in tests and we wish them Good Luck.