Please complete the following daily activities, while we are in lockdown. Try your best and enjoy

Week Beginning Monday 1st March

Nursery Rhyme of the week Five little monkeys jumping on the bed

Book of the week Dear zoo with Justin. Can you name and sign the animals from the story? Maybe try a new one each day. We would love to see your signing on class dojo!

Phonics of the week Can you identify which is the correct sound the animal makes and match it to its picture? Be careful some of them are tricky!

Thursday 4th March – World Book Day

Our book today is Zog and the flying doctors

Listen to the story

Creative Create a pair of wings so you are able to fly Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout about. Practice running and jumping wearing your wings so you are able take them wherever they need to go.

Create medicine to help the King. What will you add? Collect leaves and flowers from your garden. Grate some soap into the mixture. Colour some water and mix that into your medicine.

English Listen to the Flying Doctors song. Dance and sing along.

Watch the BBC adaptation of Zog and the flying doctors

Wednesday 3rd March

Maths Practical Can you find kitchen rolls, milk cartons boxes to make your own zoo animal? Have a look at the images to help you about the shapes you will need for each animal.
Scissor skills  Draw or print off a black and white picture of your face. Cut strips of yellow or orange (you could colour or paint paper if you need to) then stick the strips around your face to turn yourself into a lion.
ICT Enjoy this online matching pairs game  

Tuesday 2nd March

Maths Can you measure your family members and order then the tallest to smallest? Who is the tallest in your family? Who is the smallest?  
Action Songs Can you copy the different moves each animal at the zoo makes?
Creative Paint or draw a picture of your favourite animals that may live in a zoo. Try to think of the animals shape, length, height and colour.

Monday 1st March

MathsMaths Measuring – can you find something that’s taller and shorter than you? Wider and narrower than you Bigger or small than you?
Physical activityFine motor Can you carefully draw around the monkey shape of the picture below ? Remember your pencil grip and control.  
Additional activityThe World Using toy animals or cuddly toys, sort them into 2 or 3 groups – talk about what you can see – patterns, colours size – to help you decide how you will sort them.  

Week Beginning Monday 22nd February

Rhyme of the Week

Book of the WeekThe Great Pet Sale . Why had nobody bought the rat? How did the rat feel when the boy looked at the other animals?

Friday 26th February

Maths Watch the animal video below. Are there 3 or not 3 animals?  
Yoga   Learn the yoga poses for the different animals    
Being Imaginative Role play being a vet and looking after the sick animals. How will you take care of them? Will they need any medicine or an x-ray? Make sure you fill in the paper work too.  

Thursday 25th February

Maths Watch the video below. Are there 2 or not 2 animals?    
Play Dough Create animals using playdough. Add detail using pipe cleaners, feathers, pasta or anything you have at home.
Creative Use a paper plate or a piece of paper and a range of different materials to create a mask of your favourite type of pet.  

Wednesday 24th February

Maths   Go on a walk and look for examples of 1,2 or 3 objects that are all the same e.g. leave, berries, trees  
Name Writing Practice writing your name, which letters can you copy, which letters do you find tricky?
ICT Record yourself making different animal sounds. Share them with me and I try and guess the animal    

Tuesday 23rd February

Maths Counting Play shops. Count out 1p coins to pay for the pets you want to buy.
Action song   Listen to the song and join in with the actions.  
Creative Using blocks/bricks, create a home for one of your animals.    

Monday 22nd February

Maths Representing number Set up a pet shop. Which animals will you sell? Create price labels for each animal, you could represent the price in lots of different ways, write the number, draw lines or draw circles. Keep your shop for tomorrow
Mark Making Provide some clothes pegs and pom-poms and encourage children to grip the pom-poms with the pegs, dip them into paint and print onto pet pictures. They could add spots to a spotty dog, scales to a fish, fluffy tails to a rabbit or patches and strips to a cat  
Speaking If you could buy a pet, what would you buy and why? What would you need to do to look after it?    

Other helpful activities

It would be beneficial for your child that during the school closure you could also support their learning with the following…

  • Writing their name- both tracing and then copying letters. Once secure to then write their names independently,  without a visual clue.
  • Drawing pictures with your child- encourage them to discuss the different parts and shapes used (also practice holding a pen/pencil correctly)
  • Number recognition and writing numbers 0 -10
  • Reciting numbers 0-20 – counting to 20 in different ways (e.g. silly voices, loud, quiet etc). Children could also practice counting various amounts of objects, making sure they use one number per object (we encourage putting objects into a straight line to do this).
  • Shapes- recognising and describing common 2D shapes (e.g. square, circle, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, oval, diamond). A square has 4 corners and 4 sides. They are all the same length etc. Children could go on a shape hunt around their homes and draw what they see.
  • Reading stories with your child- encouraging them to retell the story, join in with the repetitive language (e.g. “run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the ginger bread man” and to predict story endings.
  • Rhyme- Singing nursery rhymes, playing rhyming games (see phonics play or home learning packs)
  • Alliteration- words that start with the same sound (e.g. Naughty Nelly nibbles nuts) Also see phonics play or home learning packs.

    *Any learning that your child does at home, REMEMBER to upload onto ILD so we can see how well they are doing!


One of the best things you can do to support your child’s education is read to them or listen to them read. For tips on how to support your child’s reading follow the following link.


Phonics Play

This is an excellent website you normally have to subscribe to, which has made their resources free to all for the coronavirus.

C Beebies

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