Please read the following information regarding the re-opening of school. Specific information regarding nursery can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Update From Mrs Norman 15.6.20

Mrs Norman has created a video to share information about the school and the possibility of welcoming more children back into school. Please follow the link to the video. It is posted on our Facebook page.

The new government guidelines say we can take more children if it is possible to and continue to follow the safety guidelines. We are currently reviewing the situation in response to the new advice and will be making a decision about who else we can safely accept back into school hopefully by Thursday this week. Please watch the school Facebook page, school website, text messages and e mails for information when we do make that decision.

Letter to parents 19.5.20

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this letter finds you all safe and well.  We are all very busy preparing to welcome some of our pupils back.  Nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 will be back to school on 1st of June and we are excited to see them.  With that in mind I would like to let you know about some important changes to the day to day life at school.  I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know about the things we have put in place to keep your children safe and minimise the risk of the virus spreading.  There will also be some things that I will be asking of you.

Start of the day

Firstly, the start times of the day will stagger. Nursery and year 6 will start at the usual time, but reception and year 1 will start a bit later at 9:20 am.  The doors will be open so that the children can come straight in.  Nursery, reception children and year 1 children will go straight into their doors and year 6 children straight upstairs.  Due to the need to minimise the risk of the virus spreading and maintain as much social distancing as we can, no parents will be allowed into the building.  Outside the year 1 classroom doors and the year 6 entry points there will be markings to show you which areas to avoid to maintain social distancing. 

The end of the day

At the end of the day, year 6 will finish at 3:00pm.  This will allow them and any parents who collect them to be clear of the site before the parents of the younger children arrive.  If you are collecting year 1 children please don’t gather at the door and stand well back on the field, whilst remembering to distance from each other.  The class teachers will send the children out to you.  When you have collected your children please leave promptly.  When collecting from nursery and reception please wait on the playground, keeping socially distanced and the teacher will send your children out to you.  If there is no space on the playground please wait outside the gate until there is space.  Please stay clear of the space marked outside the classroom doors.  If there are any special arrangements the class teachers will call you or notify you separately.

Dropping off and picking up

When dropping off and picking up, please come onto the site, drop off or pick up and leave quickly, there is to be no hanging round and if you are, you will be asked to move on.  It is not because we are being rude, but because we are trying our best to keep everyone safe.

School office and communication

The school office will be closed, so if you need to speak to someone please call or send an email to the school office. There is also a post box on the front of the building which you can leave messages in.   Someone will get back to you as quickly as they can.  There will always be a member of the team in the office to respond to your calls and emails.  Unfortunately, at this time there will be no face to face meetings between school staff and parents.

School uniform and clothing

We will be recommending that when the children come home from school they have a shower or bath and change their clothes.  Their clothes should then be washed.  Because of this we will be relaxing the rules on school uniform, this doesn’t mean no uniform.  Please can the children wear appropriate clothes, no high heels, no short skirts or crop tops.  Please can they stick to plain skirts and trousers including joggers, or black jeans.  They should where possible wear a white top and then have a plain jumper, cardigan or hoodie.  They should stick as close to school uniform as possible.  Please don’t send your children in designer gear with big logos on them.  They will need a change of clothes for P.E, again this will come home for regular washing.

Key worker group

This will continue run each day, but will now move into one of the classrooms.  The same arrangements for attendance of this club will be in place.  Please ensure you book your place and make it clear if your child will attend breakfast club.  Breakfast club will only be available to children of key workers. After school club will not be running.


If you are not intending to send your child to school please can you let us know before 25/05/2020 otherwise we will assume your child will be attending school.  You can do this via email, [email protected], text to 07511836990 or call the normal school number, 01472 808608.  If your child does attend, but falls ill, you will need to notify school in the same way you would’ve done before lockdown.  There will be no fines if you decide not to send your child to school before the summer holidays.

We would also recommend that you do not travel to school using public transport as these are high risk areas. 

School changes and preparation

As I mentioned we have been working very hard to reduce the risk of infection in school.  These are some of the things we have done or will have done by the time children return.

  • Reduced class sizes to a maximum number of 15 children.
  • We will provide children in year 1 and year 6 with their own individual sets of stationary.
  • Classrooms will be reorganised to ensure there is minimal contact between the children and staff.
  • The school has already been deep cleaned and there is a new cleaning rota in place to ensure classrooms and other areas and cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • There will be increased amounts of hand sanitiser around the school and there will be designated hand washing times.
  • Hot dinners will be ordered free of charge for all children in school.  This is to limit things from home, like lunchboxes, being brought into school.
  • Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered to make sure there are less children in the hall and out playing at a time.
  • Signage is being put-up all-around school to make sure people don’t forget about social distancing and the importance of hand washing
  • Some resources and equipment have been removed from classrooms.  These are the things that can’t be easily cleaned every day.
  • A detailed risk assessment is in place to ensure we have covered everything the government has asked us to.
  • We have organised the staffing to make sure that there are enough staff to teach your children.
  • We have cancelled all trips, including the residential trip.
  • We will still accept children from keyworkers and those who have an EHCP or are classed as vulnerable.
  • Teachers will still provide home learning for children not in school.  This will be circulated via the website.
  • The hall will not be available for lettings such as out of school clubs or parties.

Preparing your children

I know some of you will be looking forward to sending your children back to school and there will be others who are nervous to do so.  It is your choice if you send them or not and we will respect whatever decision you make. It is a difficult decision to make as there are pros and cons to whatever decision you make.  If you would like to discuss it please ring the school number.

If you decide to send your children back please spend some time discussing it with them beforehand.  They need to know it will not be like it was.  Let them know playtime and lunchtime will be different and the classrooms will look different.  Talk to them about the importance of handwashing and not touching their friends or teachers.  You might also mention to them that some grown-ups will be wearing PPE in the form of full-face visors.  (We have ordered ones that are decorated with novelty pictures so they don’t scare the children). There is a short 10 minute video on facebook which explains some of the changes and we will take some pictures of the changes and display them on the website and facebook so the children can see them.

These arrangements will stay in place until we get further guidance from the government.  If at any time we decide that it is not safe and we cannot provide what the government has outlined, we will close school and revert back to lockdown measures.

Like I said in my previous correspondence, it won’t be the same as it was, and it probably won’t be back to normal for some time to come.  However, we have tried our best and will continue to do the best we can to ensure your children are kept safe especially if you do the things outlined in this letter.

If anything changes I will of course let you know.

Please stay safe and we will see you soon.

Andrea Norman (Head Teacher), Teresa Blanchard (Chair of Governors) and all the staff.

Previous Letters

Message from Mrs Norman 11.5.20

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

I am sure that you have seen on the news that the prime minister Boris Johnson has said that primary schools need to reopen to some pupils on 1st of June.  These pupils will be nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6.  He has also said that he hopes all primary school children will return to school before the summer break.

All the staff are excited to be able to see the children again as we have missed them.  We are working really hard to ensure that we can reopen school in the safest way possible and adhere to the government recommendations, however, this presents us with lots of challenges.

  • Class sizes need to be much smaller, no more than 15 children per class.  Initially we can do this as there will be a limited number of children in, however this will be very difficult when / if all the children return.  Like all schools we will not have the space or the staff numbers for all the children to be in school all the time.  There are a number of solutions to this, however it will mean we will all have to be flexible.  I will, of course keep you updated with any decisions made.
  • Some staff will not be able to come to work as they fall into the vulnerable category or are shielding loved ones at home.  We have made plans to make sure that there is enough staff to care for and educate your children, however it might mean that there are different adults in your children’s classrooms.
  • Social distancing is going to be a huge challenge in school, which is why class sizes need to dramatically shrink.  We have a plan and we can do it, but we will need your support to ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible.  I will share the plan with you in the not too distant future so you and your children can be prepared when we do reopen.
  • We will need to continue to provide childcare for those children of keyworkers who do not fall into the year groups that are back into school.  Again, we have made provision for this and will continue to do so until all children return to school.  Breakfast club will only be available to keyworker chidlren.
  • The hygiene and cleaning levels will need to be maintained throughout the whole day.  School would usually be cleaned in the morning and in the evening, however it will need to be done throughout the day to ensure we reduce the chances of it spreading.  We have solved this problem as Mrs Wilkins, the caretaker, will be on site all day to keep on top of this, ensuring the school is cleaned down throughout the day.  We have already increased our stocks of cleaning products and hand sanitisers to ensure we have enough.

For those children not returning to school straight away, teachers will continue to provide home learning.  This will be in the format of a weekly sheet and it will get published on the website.

Please be reassured that we are doing everything possible to ensure that all the pupils and staff will be safe in school.  We will be using the government guidelines as a minimum standard.  I know some of you will be very nervous about sending your children into school and we understand this, however you are strongly encouraged to do so.  There will be exceptions to this, for example if your children’s health means they fall into the critically vulnerable group or a member of your close household needs shielding.  We can discuss individual cases closer to the time of return.

Whilst school is only partially open we will continue to provide food hampers for Pupil Premium children and if your child is in school we will of course provide a hot dinner. 

As always, a huge thank you for your support and understanding, it makes our job easier.  I am confident that if we all work together we will be able to return to school in the safest way possible.  It won’t be normal and what we were used to, but I can guarantee you that it will be the best that we can offer.

Stay safe and stay well and we will see you all very soon.

Mrs Norman


Nursery Information

In light of the recent documentation from the government we are pleased to let you know that Nursery children will also be able to attend school from the 1st June, sitting alongside the recommendations for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

The school have been working hard to ensure your child’s safe return to Nursery and with this in mind the following information is here to help us all abide with the government guidelines and keep everyone safe.

The children will be allocated the full 15 hour entitlement each week. This will be offered two set full days and one a half day. Unfortunately this cannot be flexible. You will soon receive a phone call from a member of staff asking if you would like to take the allocation up. If so, your child will need a packed lunch on the two full days.

As per the guidelines, only one parent/carer will be able to drop their child off and pick them up. No adults will be allowed into the nursery building.  During the phone call you will be told which door to drop your child off at (either the normal entry or exit door). Your child will need to come into nursery independently so some preparation maybe needed for this at home.

We are also adhering to the government guideline of all children entering the nursery to wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds. Adults will be there to support them in this.

Due to social distancing we will be unable to take your child off you if they are upset as we would normally, so unfortunately, you would need to take your child back home with you for that day if they were unable to enter nursery independently.

The nursery will be open ten minutes early both before and after school to enable flexibility for parents/carers.

Those children that require assistance with toileting  must be provided with full changing equipment (nappies wipes, bags etc) for each session. These will need to be taken home with you after each session. Please can you also ensure all children have a change of clothes in their bag as we will be unable to use school clothing if they require changing.

The nursery indoor and outdoor environment will be split into two halves, your child will be in one of those halves for the duration of their sessions, the will also eat their lunch in the nursery classroom too. This is to avoid as much contact with others as possible. If you get chance, please have a little chat with your child and discuss the importance of remaining within their side of the classroom.

The weekly planning for the children will still be on the school website and on ILD for those who wish to access learning from home. We have loved seeing all your hard work so far.

The situation is ever changing and we will endeavor to inform you of all changes for nursery children as and when they happen, in the meantime, please support both your child and ourselves by being flexible, understanding and adhering to the social distancing rules.