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Early Years

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years is the first building block in a child’s education. At Great Coates Primary, we place a high emphasis on fostering a love of learning by creating a safe and stimulating environment and by giving the children the tools and resources to develop their independence and enquiry skills.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, we follow a long term plan that clearly shows coverage of the following areas of learning:


  • Personal, social and emotional development;
  • Communication and language;
  • Physical development;
  • Literacy;
  • Mathematics;
  • Knowledge of the World and
  • Expressive Arts and design.


Our topics over the two years are as follows: 

Year A:

Why Do You Love Me So Much?

Why are Leaves Crispy?

Are Eggs Alive?

Why is Water Wet?

Additional – Which was the Biggest Dinosaur?


Year B:

Why Can’t I have Chocolate for Breakfast?

Where does Snow Go?

Can We Explore It?

Did Dragons Exist?

Additional – Why do Spiders Eat Flies?

These are our starting points although children lead their own learning through their interests which are incorporated in our question walls. Any questions the children ask are recorded onto the question wall and these questions inform our planning.

Children are assessed through ongoing observations during teacher led and child initiated activities.

Early Years Matters

In FS2 our topics are:


All About Me