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The teaching of Literacy at Great Coates School embraces all aspects of language, both spoken and written.

In the society in which we live, an ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in the written word, and to read a wide range of different types of text, is essential if children are to achieve their potential throughout their school days and on into adult life.

We believe that children should not only acquire the skills and knowledge surrounding the subject of Literacy but that they should also develop a love of books and reading; a desire to contribute to performances in drama and speaking to peers and adults; and the self-confidence which comes from having a command of the English language and the ability to organise thoughts and feelings.

We seek to provide a language rich environment in which expectations are high, and to provide a wide variety of high quality resources which are used fully and effectively.

The teaching of English at Great Coates is planned around high quality books for children, covering many authors and genres, often linked to the pupil’s topics throughout the curriculum. The pupils love to become engrossed in these interesting texts and develop a deep understanding of meaning and the author’s intent.

The extremely important aspects of spelling and handwriting are taught separately, allowing the pupils to really focus on these key aspects of literacy.