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Reading and Phonics

Here at Great Coates Primary School, we recognise the importance of becoming a great learner. Becoming a great learner grows out of becoming a great reader. Reading begins before children start school and the impact of their early experiences with books, rhymes and environmental print, along with parental support can make a real difference to their future potential. Children need to see great role models; whether reading the newspaper or a magazine or stopping at the bus stop to read the sign.
Research shows that supporting reading at home is the key ingredient in your child’s education and the single most important thing you can do to help your child.

Reading is always a top priority at Great Coates Primary School and we use a variety of reading schemes to ensure a range of interesting and engaging texts which are available for all abilities and phonic phases. These include the

  • Phonics Bug
  • Big Cat Phonics
  • Oxford Reading Tree, Stories and Patterned Stories
  • ORT Tree Tops
  • Ginn Pocket Reads
  • Collins Big Cat Guided Reading

We use the Government published systematic phonics programme known as Letters and Sounds. Children rapidly learn how to decode words and begin to read fluently. We make sure that our children deepen their understanding of what they have read by questions and working on comprehension skills.

We are currently revamping our library so that more children are encouraged to have a love of books and have an active involvement in choices of books available.

Your child’s home/school reading record book gives advice on hearing children read at home and how to help them become better readers. Children are encouraged to read at home through a variety of reading reward schemes in the different key phases.