Say ‘Thank You’ to the NHS

Today’s Challenge is set by Mrs Woods
Can you say thank you to the NHS?
This challenge comes straight from the NHS. It is a competition run by NHS Careers. 

You need to create artwork: painting, drawing, temporary street artwork, performance, video or slideshow OR create writing: a story, song, poem or thank you card.

In your creative work you need to say Thank you to the NHS.

You need to show you understand the different roles in the NHS and understand that men and women can do any job in the NHS.

The full details for the competition are on the link below.,6ZOD,1YC5VB,QSMP,1

Please mail photos, videos and powerpoints to Miss Deans at [email protected], who will e mail them on to the NHS and share them on the school website. The closing date for entries is July 19th. 1st prize £50 of Amazon vouchers.

Have a go and say ‘Thank you’ to the NHS.

Your brilliant entries