Please complete the work below while we are on lockdown. Page numbers refer to pages in the CGP workbooks which have been distributed.

Try your best and enjoy

Week Beginning Monday 1st March

Thursday 4th March – World Book Day

Please join Zoom-9:15am. Read the character description of Miss Honey, from Matilda.

Watch the videos and write descriptions of Matilda and Miss Trunchbull.

Miss Trunchbull video.

Matilda videos

Write about appearance, personality, actions. Use different sentence starters, interesting adjectives and conjunctions.


Matilda maths. Solve the problems about Matilda. 3 extra dojo points for anyone who gets the third question right.

Art Matilda is illustrated by Quentin Blake. We drew like Quentin Blake in the autumn term. I have put Quentin Blake drawings on the activity to remind you. Today I would like you to draw like Quentin Blake. You will need a pen for the outline and colours. You could use felt tips, crayons, pencil crayons or paint. Choose who you would like to paint or draw. You can copy from the pictures attached, make up a brand new character, copy a photograph of someone or draw someone in your house.

Wednesday 3rd March

Maths Telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. HA tell the time to the nearest minute.  English By the end of the week you are going to write a diary entry extract as the Lighthouse Keeper.  Today we would like you to draw or write a story board of the story. You need to write or draw the different parts of the video in order from the point of view of the Lighthouse Keeper. Split the story board into six parts. You can draw six boxes on a piece of paper.

PSHE Watch the video below:

This is about personal safety at school, home and in the community. Have a think about the hazards you may find at home. Complete the safe or unsafe worksheet attached.What other dangers can you think of in the home?

Physical Activity Please watch the video and take part in our agility lesson below:

Tuesday 2nd March

Learn to tell the time to the nearest 15 minute? What is quarter past? What is quarter to?
Learn to spell the following words:
Physical Activity
Cosmic yoga.   Please complete the cosmic yoga activity Week 11 on YouTube. Ask a family member if they can join you.     Follow the link below to access it:
Music Today we would like you to learn about Big Band Music and Swing. Please click on the link to hear some big band music. Please open the document below to learn about big band music. You can click on the links to hear more music.  Lots of big band songs are well known. Can you use the internet to find the names of 5 big band songs?  

Monday 1st March



Read the text then answer the questions

Physical Activity Complete the Jo Wickes workout or do some other exercise of your own.


This week we are going to continue looking at nutrition but we are going to focus on the amount of nutrients animals and humans need.

Read the information on the document below

Now complete the sheet, compare the pie charts showing the nutrients needed by the animals and humans before answering the questions.

Week Beginning Monday 22nd February

Friday 26th February

English Please join our zoom lesson: 11:00am. Watch the film ‘The Lighthouse’ on the link. Look at the photographs of the man from different points of the story.

For each photograph answer the following questions: What is the man thinking? What is he feeling?

Answer the questions: Why did the man shut the window? Why is it important to fix the light? Why did the people help? Do you think the film is set in the present or the past? Explain your answer.

Maths Length and units of measure. Converting between cm and mm. Page 82 of the year 4 book.

Art – In art, we are going to be learning about different artists from the 20th Century. Today we are learning and drawing like Wassily Kandinsky.  I would like you to make a drawing/painting like Kandinsky. Watch the Youtube videos which will teach you how to draw/paint like Kandinsky. I can’t wait to see your artwork.

Physical Development

Please watch the video and take part in our jumping in combination lesson below:

Thursday 25th February

Capacity Using scales to read measurement. Please complete the questions below.Please join the zoom meeting today at 11:00 am. We are going to learn how to  improve a sentence by adding extra information. Improve your sentences from yesterday by adding the following: adjectives, adverbs, extra clauses, fronted adverbials, better vocabulary, conjunctions. Can you add these conjunctions: while, although, as?

Physical Development– Bottle Skittles How to play:

  • Use empty plastic bottles as skittles and set them up approx. 5m away.
  • Use a soft ball or a pair of socks rolled into a ball and try to hit as many skittles as possible down.
  • Challenge someone in your house and see how many throws it takes each of you to knock all of the skittles over.

History This half term, our topic is ‘What if you Lived in the 20th Century?’ For history today, create some questions to ask Grandparents/neighbours about what life was like when they were a child? Think about technology, toys, leisure and entertainment. Then ask your questions to find out about these aspects in the 20th Century. You can present this information however you like, e.g. poster, video presentation, write-up, etc.
I can’t wait to see what you find out!

Wednesday 24th February

Maths Please join the zoom lesson at 9:15 and complete the questions below.


PSHE – Watch the video on this link:   We are learning about how to keep your teeth healthy and clean.   Create a poster to share what you know about keeping your teeth healthy. This can be on paper or using computer software (PowerPoint etc.). This should be colourful and have at least one photograph/illustrations.

Physical Activity Rock and roll gymnastics. Today we are going to do some rocking and rolling work to develop your balance, coordination and strength. Follow the video to help you participate in the activity. Complete the following activities –Tuck and roll, hold your knees, rocking and standing and rocking and standing on one leg. Try to get your family members involved J

English Please join the zoom lesson at 11:00am In English, you are going to be improving your descriptive writing skills Look at the image of the lighthouse which is attached. We would like you to make a word bank of excellent describing words to describe the lighthouse. (In the zoom lesson we can do this together) You can use a thesaurus or online thesaurus to help. Then we would like you to write sentences describing the lighthouse using this excellent vocabulary. Please share these on class dojo.

Tuesday 23rd February

English Today the spellings are all homophones – words which sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.
Write impressive sentences that include your spelling words. Include all of your spelling words in them and try your hardest to write detailed, interesting sentences.

Maths Please join our zoom meeting at 9:15 today. Use the same zoom link you used yesterday.
Today we are learning to read weight measurements on a scale.
Please look at the attached photo of the questions for today. Write your answers on paper. You can choose to do A, B or C. Please send in a photo of your work.

Physical Activity Cosmic yoga.
Please complete the cosmic yoga activity Week 10 on YouTube. Ask a family member if they can join you.
Follow the link below to access it:

Music Watch the video below which has some examples of early 20th century Jazz.
Read the sheet below about the history of Jazz and answer these questions. Where did Jazz start? Can you name 3 Jazz musicians? Can you name 5 of the instruments that are used in Jazz? What do you think of the Jazz you have listened to today?
Please write your answers on paper. I can’t wait to find out what you think of Jazz.

Monday 22nd February

Maths       9:15 zoom meetingEnglish         
Weight Page 86 of the year 4 book. See belowComprehension – KB   Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 22nd February until the 7th March.   Read the text, highlighting or underlining any key information.   You then need to answer the questions. Make sure you read them carefully and use the text to find the answers. Remember to write in full sentences where needed!   See below

Physical Activity Follow the link to the Joe Wicks YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV:

Science This term we are going to learn about animals including humans. Today, we are going to look at food groups and nutrients and find out why these are important.

Watch one of the videos below to help you learn about nutrients:

You then need to complete the sheet, matching the type of nutrient and why humans need it.

I then want you to challenge yourself and design a balanced healthy meal that includes all 5 food groups.

Other Home Learning


Please hear your child read every day they are at home. Please look on the main Home Learning Zone page for more reading ideas.


Pobble 365 also has an excellent literacy activity every day. Just visit . The website is totally free. If your child completes the activities please take a photo of it, e mail it to the office and we can share it on the website.


Please learn to spell the year 1 and 2 common exception words and the year 3 and 4 found in the following documents.

Below are some fun ways of learning your spellings.

Times Tables

All pupils need to learn their times tables. The following sites will help pupils to learn.

Learning to tell the time

Please help your child to tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest minute. This is one area of maths which children often struggle with and your help at home will be really appreciated.