Please complete the following daily activities, while we are in lockdown. Page numbers refer to the GCP books which have been distributed to all children.

Week Beginning 1st March

Thursday 4th March – World Book Day

As it is World Book Day, we will be working on book related activities throughout the day. We will be having a class Zoom session at 9:30am focused on our chosen class book, which I will reveal tomorrow on Zoom.

After our Zoom lesson, I will post the resources needed for tomorrow’s learning onto the class story and in your portfolios so you will not find any work in your portfolios until our Zoom lesson is complete.

If you want to dress up as your favourite character for our Zoom lesson then you can but you don’t have to.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow! 🙂

Wednesday 3rd March

PE: Please can you complete PE with Joe Wicks today.

RE: What are the four noble truths of Buddhism?
In this lesson, you are going to be learning about Buddhism as a religious tradition that was originally passed on by word of mouth. We will also learn about the Buddha’s core teachings: the threefold path to enlightenment and the four noble truths.

Literacy Today we will be doing a Literacy Zoom lesson together as a class at 11:15. You should have received an email invite to this lesson. We will be looking at persuasive writing in advertisement. Your task will be to write an advert which persuades people to buy Hover Boots.
Your advert will need to include:
* A title and picture
* Persuasive language
* Modal verbs (e.g. should, must)
* Adverbs of possibility (e.g. definitely, certainly,)
* Rhetorical questions

Maths Year 3: Page 55 -Interpreting Tables and Charts
The work today recaps the skills you have developed this week.
Year 5: Page 68 + 69 – Translation Year 6/ Year 6 Stretch: page 69 – Translation

Tuesday 2nd March

English Today, you are going to work on your editing skills. On our class story you will find a paragraph about ‘Ruin’ which you will be editing. There are spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and missing words in the text. Read the paragraph carefully and correct the mistakes. You will also notice that three words have been underlined. I would like you to think of more effective vocabulary to replace these words. I’m looking forward to reading your edited paragraphs.

French Today you will be saying your name, age and birthday and describing yourself.
In this lesson, we will put together everything we have learnt so far using the verbs avoir and être.

Music: To understand syncopated rhythms.
This lesson includes a warm-up game, learning a traditional song from Nigeria, followed by an exploration of syncopated rhythms.
Follow the link below to find your music lesson.

Physical Activity Today, I would like you to choose your own activity to do for 30 minutes. This could be going for a walk, jumping on a trampoline, completing circuits or playing football. You may have some other ideas too. Send me a picture of whatever it is you choose. Have fun! 🙂

Maths Year 3: Page 54 – Pictograms 5: Page 66 + 67 – Reflection Year 6/Year 6 Stretch: Page 68 – Reflection

Monday 1st March

English Today, you will be working to improve sentences by adding subordinate clauses. These sentences can be found on our class story. A subordinate clause starts with a subordinate conjunction and contains a verb. It cannot stand alone as a complete sentence but is linked to the main clause.
Main clause: The man hurled himself through the air towards his enemy.
Subordinate clause: Although it was dangerous
Although it was dangerous, the man hurled himself through the air towards his enemy.

Geography: In this lesson, you will be learning about how to create sketch maps. You will begin by learning what a sketch map is and then look at the key steps to creating a sketch map. Finally you will use these steps to create a sketch map of the roads in your community. Follow the link below to find your lesson.

PE: Please complete PE with Joe Wicks today.

Maths Year 3: Page 53 – Bar Charts
Year 5: Page 70 + 71 – Line Graphs
Year 6/Year 6 Stretch: Page 72 + 73 – Line Graphs

Week Beginning 22nd February

Friday 26th February

Maths Year 3: Page 52 – Tables
Year 5: Page 56 + 57 – 3D Shapes
Year 6/Year 6 Stretch: Page 66 + 67 – Coordinates

English Comprehension Book 1
Year 3: Page 24 – Poems about Crocodiles
Year 4: Page 24 – Peter Pan
Year 5: Page 24 – The Wing in the Willows (musical)
Year 6: Page 24 – Theseus’s Adventures

PE: Please complete PE with Joe Wicks today.

Art: In Literacy this week, we have been working from the futuristic animation ‘Ruin’. For your Art lesson today, I would like you to design a futuristic device. You may create a design for an object that already exists and give it special powers or you might come up with a completely new device. Be creative with your design. Please draw and label your design and include a brief description.

Thursday 25th February

PE Lily pad jumps – Today you will be working on your agility, balance and coordination skills. Follow the link below for your PE lesson today.

In today’s lesson, you will understand what a community is, explore the different types of communities (place, interest, action and practice) and consider the benefits of being a part of one.


Maths Year 5: Page 54 + 55 – Solving Time and Measurement Problems
Year 6/Year 6 Stretch: Page 62 + 63 – Angles in Shapes

Wednesday 24th February

English Today you will be writing a setting description about the city in ‘Ruin’. Make sure you use your ADD SPICE sentence starters and challenging vocabulary in your descriptive writing. Your Zoom lesson at 11:15 will support you to complete this work.

Maths Year 3: Page 48 + 49 – 3D Shapes
Year 5: Page 52 + 53 – Estimating Volume and Capacity
Year 6/Year 6 Stretch: Page 60 + 61 – Circles

PE Please complete PE with Joe Wicks today.

Religious Education Who was Siddhartha Gautama? In this lesson, you will be learning about Siddhartha Gautama. He is the first individual to have achieved enlightenment through the practice of meditation. He became known as Buddha, which means ‘the enlightened one’. You will learn about his life and his journey to enlightenment.

Tuesday 23rd February

Maths Year 3: Page 46 + 47 – 2D Shapes

Year 5: Page 50 + 51 – Area

Year 6/Year 6 Stretch: Page 53 – Volume of Cubes and Cuboids

English In your Literacy lesson, you will be Adding Spice to vary sentence openers of basic sentences about the animation ‘Ruin’. You will also be exploring different ways to edit and improve these sentences. Please join the Zoom lesson at 11:15 for your lesson input.

PE Today, for your PE lesson, you are going to have a go at horizontal climbing.Watch the video below to find today’s activities:

French Saying the months: In this lesson, we will recap our phonic sounds, the numbers to 12 and how to say our age. Then we will learn the months in French. Follow the link below for your lesson today:

Music Today in Music, you will explore on and off beats in different musical styles. This lesson will consolidate some of the learning from lesson 2, as well as exploring how off beats can be found in different musical styles. Follow the link below to find your lesson.

Monday 22nd February

English Over the next few weeks, in Literacy lessons, we will be completing work around the theme of a short film clip, which you will be able to find following the link below.

Today, I would like you to watch the animation and then answer questions on the link below about the short film giving detailed answers, justifying your point of view. You will be able to find the questions on our class story. I am looking forward to reading your responses 🙂

Maths Year 3: Page 44 + 45 – Time Problems

Year 5: Page 48 + 49 – Perimeter

Year 6/Year 6 Stretch: Page 52 – Perimeter and Area

PE: Please complete PE with Joe Wicks today.

Other Home Learning Activities

Writing and Literacy

Pobble 365 has an excellent literacy activity every day. Just visit . The website is totally free. If your child completes the activities please take a photo of it, e mail it to the office and we can share it on the website.

You could also encourage your child to write a diary of their time at home.


Please encourage your children to read while they are at home. You could say they must read for half an hour before being allowed on electronics in an afternoon.

The school is renovating its library area and there are books which we no longer need left outside the front door of school during school hours for you to take and keep. Be kind. Only take a few books per child. More books are being sorted through and there will be others put outside in future weeks.

Maths Sats Preparation

Download the document below for activities to practice all areas of the maths curriculum in preparation for SATs. You can also get past papers on here and youtube videos showing how to solve SATs questions.

Here are some arithmetic papers for you to practice your calculation skills.

The following is guidance and examples of the Y6 SATs reasoning papers.